Friday, May 20, 2011

Apple Flower snack

My daughter needed a snack this afternoon, so I told her to choose a fruit. She loves fruit: peaches, apples, strawberries and her latest discovery pears. Today she chose an apple, but she has learned she likes it without the 'scraps' (peel). Now the lazy mom in me sometimes just makes the kids wash it and eat it, skin and all, but today I had some time and succumbed to her plea. I usually let the kids choose to dip their apple in peanut butter or carmel (I have been using Hersheys syrup carmel... convenient)

Anyway we thought we'd make it extra fun and share with you all so we arranged the apples in a little flower shape with carmel in the center. Simple snack, yet satisfying and fun! I also have been thinking a lot about eating and cooking with my kids (I started this blog didn't I?..) I realized that the appereance of food for kids is a really big deal. Whereas for me its nice if it looks good but I've learned that the most important thing is the taste. But the way the food looks to a kid is immediately a trigger...does it look scary, weird or fun? Usually if it looks kind of fun they are more likely to at least give it a try. Anyway just some random thoughts.
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